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acupuncture Agriculture alchemy
allergy amphibia/reptilia anaesthesia
anatomical illustrations anatomy animal magnetism
anthrax anthropology art
art and dentistry art and medicine art and pharmacy
astronomy audiology audiometry
automobile aviation balneology
belgian science and medicine bibliography biochemistry
bookkeeping/economics botany cardiology
cattle-breeding cellbiology chemistry
children books chiropractic cholera
chronology clocks/watches collected works
computers dentistry dermatology
diabetes diptheria distillation
Drenthe drugs dutch history
dyeing dysentery education
electricity and medicine embryology endocrinology
entomology ethics and philosophy ethology
european book on japan evertebrata folk medicine
forensic medicine Friesland gardening/agriculture
gas/oil/petroleum Gelderland gems and minerals
general biology general medicine genetics
geology/crystallography glass Groningen
gynaecology haematology histology
history of biology history of chemistry history of mathematics
history of medicine history of pharmacy history of physics
history of science history of technology homoeopathy
hospitals hydraulic engineering / flooding hypnotism
ichthyology immunology Indonesia
Indonesia influenza internal medicine
Kuyper atlas Zuidholland law leprosy
Limburg literature mathematics
medical botany/herbals medical insurance medicine and art
medicine in Asia meteorology metrology
microbiology microscopy music
mycology neurosciences neurosurgery
nobel-prize winners Noord-Brabant Noord-Holland
numismatics nursing nutrition
oil/fats/soap ophthalmology ornithology
other infectieus diseases otorhinolaryngology Overijssel
paediatrics paint/coloursense paleoclimatology
parasitology pathology perfume
pestilence pharmacopoeias pharmacy
photography phrenology, cranioscopy physics
physiology plastic surgery poliomyelitis
pomology portraits of scientists posters
psychiatry psychoacoustics psychoanalysis
psychology public health puzzles
rabies racing games rangaku
rheumatism rontgenology science general
scientific instruments sexology shipping
spaceflight spectacles sports medicine/fysiotherapy
stamps state medicine steam
sugar sun-dials surgery/orthopaedics
Suriname surveying, geodetics technology
teratology tetanus the microsope
theology Topografie Nederland prenten topography
toxicology tropical medicine/science tuberculosis
typhys fewer/yellow fever urology Utrecht
vaccination varia variola
venerial diseases veterinary science vitamins
war and medicine/science wireless Zeeland
zoology Zuid-Holland  

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